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A bright future for Neoderm 관리자  |  2015.03.10


Yesterday at the National Assembly a bill banning sales of cosmetic products that have undergone inhumane animal testing was proposed by MP Moon Jung Rim. It was a meaningful day, falling on the same date when the EU passed a similar bill two years ago. Tego Science offers an effective alternative testing model consisting of human skin cells in the name of Neoderm, which obviates the need to use animals to test whether a cosmetic substa...nce causes irritation and iflammation as well as promotes permeation, elasticity and lightening. We anticipate a better future for the animals that are unnecessarily sacrificed for human needs.


url: http://www.ohmynews.com/NWS_Web/View/at_pg.aspx?CNTN_CD=A0002088756