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[Phacilitate 2015 Cell & Gene Therapy Conference] 관리자  |  2015.01.27

CEO and CSO were at the Phacilitate Conference in Washington D.C., 26-28 January. The meeting afforded an excellent opportunity to catch up with the latest news on cell & gene therapy, immunotherapy and stem cells as discovery & research tools, as well as prospective overseas partners.


In the cell therapy space, two topics stood out as objects of heated discussions.


1) The bankruptcy of Dandreon, the manufacturer of Provenge once hailed as the world's first genuine stem cell ...drug. The prevailing mood was one of despair. It was pointed out by many in the industry that invasive stem cell therapies still have a long way to go before they realise the profuse promises concerning safety and efficacy.


2) The easing of cell therapy-related regulations by the Japanese government. Japan seems to be bent on 'approval first, safety later' in a 180 degree pivot from it notoriously stringent regulatory regime. Concerns were expressed by perplexed commentators on this roundabout, which might cause future safety issues. Nevertheless access will doubtless improve in that large, affluent and aging market.